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My career began photographing and documenting wildlife above and below the ocean. From tracking lions across the Serengeti to diving with Bull, Hammerhead and Black Tip sharks off the coast of South Africa, I have been fortunate to travel the world in pursuit of unique stories and it’s my love of storytelling that drew me to weddings.​

Capturing a wedding day as it unfolds is thrilling, challenging and extremely rewarding. When a couple looks back on their day through the medium of pictures, it provides a portal to relive some of the most special and intimate moments of their lives. Some they remember, some they don’t, but all share a deep significance and combine seamlessly to tell their story.

This is where I come in.​

We’ll be introduced as client and photographer, but we’ll become so much more. I immerse myself in your day and meticulously plan every detail ensuring we capture your story as it unfolds. Every time you pick up your album or see one of your pictures, you’ll be transported back to that special day and get to relive all of those magical moments.​

I’m unobtrusive and allow you and your guests to relax and be yourselves. However, this doesn’t mean I’ll be hiding away in the shadows, I’m very approachable, super friendly and will take the time to get to know you and your guests, integrating myself into the day so everybody feels comfortable.​

I believe that every wedding day has a unique energy. Each person brings their own individuality and the shifting dynamic of the day reveals so many wonderful, unique moments. This is the magic we want to capture in all of its natural, unscripted, elegant (and sometimes not so elegant) beauty.​

Every wedding and photoshoot demands the focus, and dedication of someone that will stop at nothing to make sure your memories are documented in a way you will never forget.

A little about me

I have a gorgeous Husky called Yuki. She is 5 years old and a complete diva!​

I love to travel. I’ve been fortunate to travel a lot with my work and exploring new places and cultures fascinates me.​

I enjoy sport, keeping fit and spending time outdoors. Scuba diving is a huge passion of mine as well as underwater photography.​

I’m a big fan of whiskey and collect what I can from around the world. You have to go a long way to beat a good Scottish single malt though!​

I love Africa. It’s a simply breathtaking place. I also really want to visit New Zealand and shooting a wedding over there would make the trip even more special (wink, wink!)